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Discrete Manufacturing ERP in Kolkata, India

Manufacturing high end products with maintaining the quality, being able to meet the customer demands and expectations, planning and stocking the right quality and right quantity of products, responding to changing customer preferences are the key challenges you face in today’s market. To be able to achieve all these you have to use Sapience Discrete Manufacturing ERP in Kolkata,India. This ERP for Discrete Manufacturing in Kolkata, India allows to manage all your manufacturing issues in the most simple manner. This is a useful ERP software for control panel manufacturers in Kolkata, India

Maintain your Stock Management Smoothly

  With ERP softwware for Transformer Manufacturing Companies in Kolkata,India, you will be able to handle and maintain your stock with less effort and it will help you to keep track of all your products.

  Track your stock availability with order, maintain and manage multiple warehouses, easy flow of stock out with or without order.

  Maintain your Re-Order Level, Minimum Order Level (Safety Stock) or Maximum Order Level so that your ROI gets higher.

Manage your production

Sapience Discrete Manufacturing ERP enables you to create BOQ and BOM formula and shows you the required stock for production after you receive an order. It increases your efficiency and generates Work-in-progress report to give report to your customer. Assembling and De-assembling has become easy through the system as stock issue to production or taking back to Inventory is possible through the Discrete Manufacturing ERP from Sapience Business Services.

Manage your customers and sales efficiently

Discrete manufacturing ERP, you can keep track of all your enquiries, quotations and orders from customers. It will be easier for you to pin-point the unattained enquiry, pending quotation or pending sales order from customer so that you don’t miss any opportunity and stand higher in the market.

Manage your Purchase Operations

Discrete manufacturing ERP, you can raise your purchase requisitions, purchase orders so that you have the power to analyze the profitable and lowest bid with time-constraint. It will also help you to filter the complete and incomplete purchase orders in a particular date range so that you don’t forget any pending purchase orders.

Servicing and Maintenance

Discrete manufacturing ERP, you will be able to track your material with all the details which will help you to give after-sale-service to your customers. Returning stock from customers and repairing it will become a cakewalk for you as you will get the whole data and status of the item.

There are other features and benefits like you can keep track of your sales team, target achievement of your sales team, motivate your sales team, wish your customers and vendors in special days etc.

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