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Discrete Manufacturing

As a manufacturer of industrial machinery and products, you are faced with frequent changes in specification, design, processes, etc. Managing several non-standard materials and processes on the one hand and emphasizing lean manufacturing on the other hand is not an easy task to deal with. How well you manage these complexities helps distinguish your enterprise from competitors.

Sapience Discrete Manufacturing for the industrial machinery and products manufacturers helps you in overcoming these challenges and complexities smoothly. With years of experience in working with organizations in your industry, Sapience knows just how to implement much-needed visibility across your organization, and help you plan and execute a cost-effective supply chain. All the processes required in industrial machinery and products manufacturing are well-integrated into Sapience Discrete Manufacturing and you get a smooth flow of data to manage your business.

Respond to rapid changes quickly

Unlike streamlined mass production, your business of manufacturing industrial machinery and products faces frequent changes in engineering specifications, material selection, equipment usage, etc. Sapience Discrete Manufacturing helps you plan and organize your manufacturing process with effective engineering change control. You can reduce the lead time by planning better, and choosing the right materials and processes.

  Evaluate the changes requested, decide and execute based on the impact of those changes.

  Register all revisions, analyze changes and improve manufacturing process.

  Take advantage of engineering change control and implement the changes quicker.

Manage complexity with ease

Industrial machinery and products manufacturing involves complex processes, and proper management of factors such as innovation, manufacturing cycle time, material availability, customer expectation, etc. is critical to success. Sapience Discrete Manufacturing provides an end-to-end integrated solution that can help you increase your operational efficiency and manage customer expectations.

  Actively engage with customers, get real time feedback on product design and manufacturing, and manage your product lifecycle.

  Track product changes, get insights from data and innovate to excel.

  Integrate your sales forces, be informed in real-time and respond dynamically to market changes.

Streamline your supplies

Availability of raw material at the right time is essential for smooth flow of the manufacturing process. Any interruption in material supply can delay critical deliveries. Sapience Discrete Manufacturing provides the necessary features to engage well with your suppliers and ensure the availability of right materials at the right time.

  Use supplier self-service portal to speed up the flow of information. Fast track your decision-making.

  Rate your suppliers, analyze performance and engage with the best.

  Plan your material requirement with ease. Minimize disruption in your material supply.

Maintain top quality

Sapience Discrete Manufacturing helps you track your quality parameters. You can establish a good sampling strategy and execute quality inspection as per your needs.

  Enable inspections and make them mandatory for critical activities.

  Create control points for quality checks; sustain quality of products throughout the process.

  Integrate quality checks for all processes, track items at quality level.

Get, and give value for money

Sapience Discrete Manufacturing keeps track of costs throughout the manufacturing process. This enables you to have a transparent view of costs incurred at different process stages and control them effectively. Using the cost estimation capability of Sapience Discrete Manufacturing you can estimate material and process costs well in advance and project your profitability accurately.

  Exercise better control over your inventory through Sapience Inventory Management and lower your working capital requirements.

  Monitor time taken for each activity, make use of the best process, and reduce cost.

  Quote based on estimated costs and desired mark-ups, and provide competitive quotes.